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Saturday, March 10, 2001
I am obsessed with a game called Omega Race. I play it using MAME32, a coin-op video game emulator. It's a pure shoot 'em up, and the way it gets my adrenaline pumping, it's sort of like a high. I seethe with harsh feelings when I play badly. I feel cocky satisfaction when I play well. I used to spend tens of dollars every month in quarters playing video games when I was a kid. Now I can play most of those games for free.

I plan to post up a web page on my Omega Race obsession. MAME32 lets me 'record' games, so you too (if you have MAME32 and Omega Race) can watch some of my exciting video-gaming.

Just spent the past hour shoveling all this snow that's fallen on my property during Nor'easter March 2001. Today wasn't as bad as it was a few days ago, when I spent nearly two hours shoveling extremely heavy snow.

I used to say that shoveling snow builds character. Forget that. I have enough character.

I do enjoy the feeling I have after shoveling snow. It's like a workout. I get home, and even though my chest is heaving with exertion, I have a super feeling of accomplishment.

I don't have a tremendous area to shovel. But I also don't have a snow blower either. My neighbors have been kind enough to offer me theirs, every once in a while. More often than not, though, my three shovels are enough to get the job done. (I have a long bladed shovel for moving large amounts off the beginning part of my driveway, a straight shovel, and a 'bent' shovel for reducing back strain.)

It's late. Funny, I could probably start every entry with that. So just assume it, OK? Or look at the time when I post. You'll be able to tell if it's late or not.