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Thursday, December 13, 2001
According to Google Groups, my earliest post to USENET was August 26, 1992. It was a posting for a new roommate. Sheesh!

Here's my announcement of my Tiger Woods web page (October 1996).

I can't hardly sleep now. Here's a post on the closing of the Tasty restaurant in Harvard Square (November 1997).

And finally, a post on Wade Boggs, after the Yankees won the World Series in 1996. I actually saved a copy of this post on my ISP. Maybe I can delete it now.

Wednesday, December 12, 2001
I think I could see myself riding around in that new invention by Dean Kamen. I remember reading an article about his earlier invention, the iBOT, a self-balancing mobility system for the handicap. Disabled people who have tried this machine wept for joy because they found themselves climbing stairs, and "standing up" at eye-level to those standing around them, all things they couldn't do with conventional wheel chairs.

Of course, the Segway probably can't beat a bicycle for the most common forms of tooling around.

Monday, December 10, 2001
The last entry featured the first image interspersed in this BLOG.

I took a picture of the snow that fell on Sunday. The previous night, the news said up to two inches, maybe even four. It was more like eight, where I live. I spent about an hour shoveling, going slowly so as not to hurt my back. It was that nice "soft" snow, easily packed into snow balls, but also easy to move around with a shovel. As I write this, most of the snow has melted nicely, but winter seems to have officially arrived here in New England.