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Friday, January 18, 2002
In a lengthy article on Cinematographer.com, it's revealed that Steven Soderbergh was not only the director of Traffic, but its director of photography as well (under the pseudonym Peter Andrews).

The article explains that this is a rarity in modern feature films, and I admire Mr. Soderbergh for it. He turned 39 last Monday, January 14. During the director's commentary on Out of Sight, he explained that he operated the film camera during certain scenes, and you could tell in his voice the enjoyment he derived from it.

Do we enjoy what we're doing? Are we doing what we enjoy doing? I like reading and knowing about people who do.

Monday, January 14, 2002
Did you like the movie Glengarry Glen Ross? I loved it. Al Pacino. Ed Harris. Kevin Spacey. Jack Lemmon. Not to mention Alan Arkin, Alec Baldwin ("third prize is you're fired"), and Richard Pryce.

So while reading alt.fan.howard-stern (lately I've stopped listening to Stern, but reading the newsgroup gives me the buzz), I chanced upon a reader who mentioned the Unofficial Glengarry Glen Ross Website. Audioclips. Act summaries (the movie was originally a play by David Mamet; he would end up writing the screenplay). Press kit. Wonderful stuff.

Sometimes you find stuff you've always been looking for when you're not looking for it.

Some strange things I read in today's paper.

A thirty-year-old bat was found in a mine in Maine. It even had an ID bracelet from 1971! Thirty bat years is the equivalent of a hundred human years.

A man driving a snowmobile in Vermont rammed into a moose. The man was killed (attempts to revive him failed), and the moose was later found. Due to its injuries, a game warden made the decision to kill the animal.