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Friday, October 18, 2002
Steven is the name of the goofy kid who pitches Dell computers on television. Nearly all his ads have him saying "Dude! You're getting a Dell!" He first made his appearance on TV in the year 2000. The first commercial was a video message to his parents, asking them for a new Dell, and why it's a good thing. He's been going strong as a pitchman for two years. Later we saw him trying to finagle Dells for his friends at stores, malls, and college.

The actor who plays Steven is Ben Curtis. He's 21. Before his commercials with Dell, he was a struggling actor from NYU.

I must admit that I enjoyed these commercials, and while his character is growing a little old, he plays it with freshness (watch how he trills his fingers when he says "just call or go on-line"). Today, I read an article saying that Dell is checking out other advertising campaigns. Could we have seen the last of Steven?

I spent some time at the dealership today, waiting for auto service. While waiting at the show room floor, a man rushed up the stairs to the service desk, and said "Don't order that part. I won't be needing it." As he made his way downstairs, he announced to a sales person "I'll just get a new car instead." Over the next few minutes, I listened in as he spoke with the sales person. The buyer had decided the cost of a new catalytic converter would be better spent towards a new used car.

It sure is intoxicating sitting in a car dealership, full of gorgeous, gleaming cars. The used cars out front were also nice. Sometimes when I sit there, I contemplate talking to these sales people. "I think I'm ready for a new car," I'd say. "Do you think I can test drive something today?" And we'd be off, spending money I don't have.