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Tuesday, April 29, 2003
Last October, I wrote about throwing out my old hockey equipment. Today, I received an e-mail from Joan Broadway, who found that piece of writing while searching for Joe Jaena on the Internet. She gave me some terrible news: Joe passed away, in December 2000.

Joe was the captain of the hockey team I played for. Her e-mail put me in a sad spell for a few minutes. I guess I always thought that Joe would find that web page himself, and drop me a line. Now I know that won't ever happen.

I watched Confidence in the movie theaters last night.

The director of Confidence, James Foley, also directed Glengarry Glen Ross. Once I learned that, I knew I had to see this. GGR is one amazing movie! When I scanned the cast listing, and saw Robert Forster, that sealed the deal. I really enjoyed Robert's portrayal of Max Cherry in Jackie Brown; his role in Confidence is substantially smaller. (The cast was studded with super stars, including Dustin Hoffman and Andy Garcia).

The movie was about a con, a crime, a heist. And like an old book from high school, it felt very familiar. The lead character (Jake Vig, played by Edward Burns with his trademark scowl) even says that a good con is like a play: everyone knows their lines.

I was intrigued by some reviews that said you'll know what to expect, you just won't know when. The movie was like comfort food. You like it. Just enjoy it! And I did.

Sunday, April 27, 2003
While on my walk, I heard the distinctive sound of a wood pecker, pecking away. I was under him, by the proximity of the sound. I looked up at the four or five trees. The bird pecked-pecked, stopped, then resumed, then stopped. I had to wait for him to hammer before I could hone in on him. It took a few minutes before I could finally spot spot him. There he was! His head jack-hammering into the tree. Mia was blissfully pushing her hand through some dirt. My head was looking towards the sky.

I'm happy to report that the slightest of grass blades have begun to appear. Jenn spotted them, while I was on my way out with Mia for a walk. "You have to look at the ground at an angle." Sure enough, there they were, so small and delicate. With the warmer weather coming, we should be seeing the green fuzz of new grass over the next few days. I'm excited by this possibility.