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Friday, September 05, 2003
For the past few evenings, I have been trying to write a nice little piece welcoming all the new college kids coming to Boston. I was going to write about all the nice places to visit in and around town. I then thought about writing some unsolicited advice ("carry a pen", "learn the names of people who serve you", etc.).

But I couldn't get the words going. And now I know why: I'm jealous of all the new college kids coming to Boston. I wish I were you. Young. Relatively care-free. Raring to explore a new city, a new environment (college!).

You kids are lucky. Boston is a tremendous city to study in, to spend college time in. And college is indeed a special time. I guess at the time, I tried to maintain a nonchalance demeanor. Maybe you do too. But know this: You will never have the kind of time you have now, ever again.

When I was in school, all roads were open. All paths were welcoming me. And I had the energy and the freedom to look down all those roads, walk down all those paths, at least for a little while. At least until I realized that maybe another path was for me. The path I'm on now.

So welcome to Boston you new kids on the block! Make sure to visit Fenway Park. Walk the Freedom Trail. Explore your college campus, and find a quiet place, a quiet nook that only you know about. Make sure you socialize once in a while in school. Learn how to find yourself. Make friends. You won't make these kinds of friends again. I promise you that.

There's time enough for the future. Live your college lives fully!