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Tuesday, November 11, 2003
So it's November already. The chill is indeed in the air. And with that comes the holidays.

I confess that I often find myself stressed out during the holidays. All the rushing around, buying gifts, wrapping, keeping the house clean for guests. The weekends before November seemed to be relatively unstructured, but between now and New Year's, it seems as if something has to get done each weekend (holiday cards, holiday pictures, cookies). The holidays become a chore, and unfinished chores cause stress.

The key to breaking the stress is to start some of the planning now, and stay ahead of it. For the record, I have already purchased some holiday gifts. Jenn has already started to bake cookies. We're stocked up with wrapping paper and formulating our lists.

Don Wetmore's newsletter, Timely Time Management, featured a few tips for avoiding holiday stress. I was glad to read it.